“Seeds: Time Capsules of Wilderness, Part 1”

“Thinking Wilderness” kicked-off in spring 2014 with the interdisciplinary science and art education program and exhibition, “Seeds: Time Capsules of Wilderness.”

The hands-on program explored the wild world of seeds as seen through young eyes and engaged over 270 students, preschool through sixth grade, from Questa Alta Vista Elementary, Rio Costilla Southwest Learning Academy, and Arroyos del Norte Elementary schools. In-class workshops were led by LEAP  in collaboration with SEED.

“I don’t think kids tend to see seeds as a vital part of our lives and here they got to touch them and see them up close and I think that was really helpful for them,” says Mariquita Rael, Questa Alta Vista Elementary School Teacher, about the recent program in her classroom.

Before beginning their artworks, students examined textures and shapes of New Mexico native seeds and exotic seeds by touch, looked at them under microscopes and also smelled seeds they might find in their kitchens. Then students brought this hands-on experience into a variety of art assignments. (More to come on this in Parts 2 & 3!)

Here is a brief audio tour of the program

Below, preschoolers design and draw their own seed packets. Some are familiar plants we might find in the garden or in our back yard or further a field, but some are invented by the artists! As they drew, we talked about how each seed contains the amazing potential to become a specific plant. (Images by Claire Coté)

Below, fourth graders at Questa Elementary work on pages for a collaborative class book showcasing seeds and the plants that would grow from them, both real and imagined!

Click on the images to see in slideshow view. (Images by Claire Coté)


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