47th Featured Thinker: Linda Weintraub


Latir Wilderness (l) Permaculture homestead management (r)

Our year of reflection on wilderness will be completed week ending 21st Oct 2015. This week’s feature  began early in the project with a visit to Questa, New Mexico by our featured thinker  Linda Weintraub, Curator, Artist and Educator. Linda’s feature weaves together the wild and the cultivated, the human and non-human experience to continue our exploration of wilderness and our relationship to it.

A beautiful boy leaped out of a grand maple tree, landing nimbly onto the ground. It was a chance glance out of my bedroom window early in the morning last spring that provided this startling sight. He was lithe as a ballerina. His fine face was topped with a mass of black curls.

If this tree had been located in a wilderness, I would have imagined my arbor visitor to be a fairytale prince charming, or an Adonis from Greek mythology, or a wood sprite in Nabokov’s famous story. Read More….

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