Why be a Wilderness Thinker?

Why become a Wilderness Thinker?

  • Become part of a year long collaborative project that will be promoted throughout its lifetime through numerous channels.
  • Be part of a unique research project – the project aggregates an unprecedented collection of contemporary thinking on wilderness and related issues.
  • Become part of the Wilderness archive on completion of the project
  • Be considered for inclusion within a publication after the project is completed.
  • Gain international exposure through your contribution as a Thinker to the project.
  • Share your ideas with an international audience on a bespoke platform.
  • Have your contribution considered along with those contributed by local, national and international contributors.
  • Contribute to the debate on new forms and expressions of “thinking.”
  • Become a spokesperson for Wilderness in the 21st century.

Why be a part of Thinking Wilderness?

  • Help define and influence how wilderness is preserved or designated in the future through your unique contribution to a contemporary conversation.
  • Contribute to a legacy  for wilderness and future generations through this emerging and collaborative think tank on wilderness.
  • Raise awareness of your concerns and issues related to wilderness.
  • On the 50th anniversary, reevaluate and revitalise our thinking about Wilderness.
  • Explore limitless possibilities for thinking about wilderness.
  • Extend and challenge your understanding and perception of Wilderness through deep consideration.
  • Develop a deeper relationship with Wilderness through focused, 5 senses ‘thinking’.

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