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49th Featured Thinker: Ilka Blue Nelson

Nudgee Beach, Brisbane. Ilka Blue Nelson, 2015

Nudgee Beach, Brisbane. Ilka Blue Nelson, 2015

This week’s,  Featured Thinker is Ilka Blue Nelson, a creative ecologist from Australia. Ilka is writing with Nudgee Beach, on the fringe of Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia. The beach is formed on the edge of a city by a canal entering Moreton Bay, a wetland of international importance and one of Australia’s largest sites listed under the Ramsar Convention.

Ilka’s letter considers our oft-times self-imposed separation from the physical world and is  piece is dedicated to a friendship replete with the spirit that connects self and other. Read more….

48th Featured Thinker: Sarah Sexton


This week’s Featured Thinker, Sarah Sexton, artist and teacher from Ireland, explores the concept of wilderness through her fascination with abandoned spaces.  She says, “I regularly ‘escape’ into little pockets of wilderness when I engage in my art practice.” Join Sarah on her search via beautiful photographs of small, wild, tucked away places and abandoned spaces where nature and “wildness” is reclaiming ownership. Read more….

37th Featured Thinker: Zoé Strecker

Digital image still from featured video work, Down, Up, Down: Pine Mountain Breathing (2014)

Digital image still from featured video work, Down, Up, Down: Pine Mountain Breathing (2014)

This week’s featured wilderness thinker is Zoé Strecker, artist, writer and art professorZoé’s ‘multi-modal thinking’ is consolidated through her durational exploration of  Pine Mountain, a ridge in the Appalachian Mountains that runs through Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee. Pine Mountain represents the last great contiguous stretch of unfragmented forest in Kentucky, breached only by six roads in 110 miles and  is also a significant unprotected wilderness area.

Zoé’s engagement develops a  mindful ecology around Pine Mountain extending her wilderness thinking into other communities through the students and volunteers with whom she works and collaborates, which includes SITE, an arts-led interdisciplinary educational collaboration with philosopher, Prof. Peter S. Fosl at Transylvania University, Lexington, Kentucky. This exploration of Pine Mountain generates creative and scholarly responses along with Zoé’s personal arts practice, which celebrates the exceptional biodiversity of Pine Mountain in southeastern Kentucky.  Read More….

34th Featured Thinker: John Bailey

BLM Flikr gallery, 2010BLM Flikr gallery, 2010

This week’s featured thinker is  John Bailey, BLM manager of the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. As Senators Udall and Heinrich introduce a bill to protect special areas as wilderness within the northern New Mexico national monument it seemed timely to feature John’s presentation from the Thinking Wilderness Pecha Kucha event in partnership with Pecha Kucha Taos.  Read more……

25th Featured Thinker: Victor Mascareñas

VictorMFeature2Some of you may recognize where this photo was taken – at the western border of the Latir Wilderness Area, north of Questa, New Mexico. This week’s Featured Wilderness Thinker, Victor Mascareñas, takes us deep into the Latir Wilderness with his cows and into his family’s land-based heritage; all in a 6 minutes 40 seconds PechaKucha presentation video!

A fifth-generation farmer on the New Mexico/Colorado border, he writes, “Like an old fashion cattle drive, our cows must walk almost nine miles before reaching the mountain meadows, reaching 12,000 feet and higher. I am blessed that my four children have experienced this adventure and pray there will be many more generations to go.”

Join Victor and his family on their trek into the Sangre de Cristo mountains. Read more….

16th Featured Thinker: Daniel Hutchison

DanielHutchisonFeature3This week, we welcome Localogy Executive Director and Experiential Educator, Daniel Hutchison.

He says, “In the context of wilderness – children are an endangered species.” His presentation, given as part of the Thinking Wilderness Pecha Kucha night in Questa in summer 2014, highlights efforts to reintroduce children to their native habitat through Localogy’s various youth programs. See More….

9th Featured Thinker: Chris Coté


“For Thousands of years, the North American West has lived and evolved with fire as an essential part of the natural environment. Fire has spread with low intensity across the land, recycling nutrients and refreshing the landscape.

In 1910, after the “Big Burn”, which burned an area the size of Connecticut in 36 hours, humans declared war on fire. Now we are realizing that complete fire suppression has left us with unhealthy and overgrown forests…and people continuing to build homes further and further into the wilderness, what we call the “WUI” (Wildland, Urban Interface).”

Join Chris Coté, Taos County Wildland Urban Interface Coorinator, as he delves into this topic in 6 minutes and 40 seconds, PechaKucha style! See the Video and Read More….

5th Featured Thinker: John Wenger


The “Narrow Path” is a metaphor representing an ancient and unbroken artistic tradition of seeking enlightenment through experiences and encounters with nature. Beyond the road less traveled is a narrow and unpopulated pathway, known for its rigor and life-changing circumstances. See video & Read more….