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47th Featured Thinker: Linda Weintraub


Latir Wilderness (l) Permaculture homestead management (r)

Our year of reflection on wilderness will be completed week ending 21st Oct 2015. This week’s feature  began early in the project with a visit to Questa, New Mexico by our featured thinker  Linda Weintraub, Curator, Artist and Educator. Linda’s feature weaves together the wild and the cultivated, the human and non-human experience to continue our exploration of wilderness and our relationship to it.

A beautiful boy leaped out of a grand maple tree, landing nimbly onto the ground. It was a chance glance out of my bedroom window early in the morning last spring that provided this startling sight. He was lithe as a ballerina. His fine face was topped with a mass of black curls.

If this tree had been located in a wilderness, I would have imagined my arbor visitor to be a fairytale prince charming, or an Adonis from Greek mythology, or a wood sprite in Nabokov’s famous story. Read More….

44th Featured Thinker: Nigel Smallbones

Berry Head, Nigel Bones

Berry Head, Nigel Bones

This week our featured Wilderness Thinker is Nigel Smallbones former Head Wildlife Ranger, Berry Head National Nature Reserve, Torbay, Devon, UK. For over twenty years he has observed a seabird colony off Berry Head – the South Coasts’ largest colony of Guillemots a possibility others can now share due to the viewing camera he set up with the RSPB in 2005. Recorded on Berry Head, a Special Area of Conservation  strictly protected under designation through the EC Habitats Directive, Nigel’s feature shares his understanding of Wild and Wilderness in an interview with Artist with Anna Keleher, a previous wilderness thinker.  We hope you enjoy Nigel’s interviews and the photographs of the Devon coastal landscape that accompany his poetic and sensitive thoughts on wilderness… Read More

27th Featured Thinker: Martina O’Neill

Martina O’Neill, Development Officer of Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark comes to us this week as Wilderness Featured Thinker via the DREAMING PLACE project by Anna Keleher  (recent Featured Thinker) and Claire Coté (Thinking Wilderness project co-director). As part of this project the two artists conducted interviews with a variety of people, including Martina. As a native of Northern Ireland and with her professional feet firmly planted in resource management, her take on the theme of “wild” add a valuable strand to the conversation around wilderness. Listen and Read More….

22nd Featured Thinker: Starr

StarrFeature1For Starr, who has lived in Questa, NM for over twenty years, sewing has been a life-long practice. And eventually it led her to wonder: “How would you sew a sunset? Or those Mountains? Or that tree?” A fascination with Mimbres pottery designs got her into drawing. Starr’s Thinking Wilderness contribution emerges from these seemingly disparate interests. Delve into Starr’s exploration: “Wilderness Reveals [Through Mimbres Eyes]”. See more…

20th Featured Thinkers: Third Graders, Arroyos del Norte

ArroyosFeatureKids and Wilderness go together in so many ways, which is why I’m so excited to present our Featured Thinkers this week: Gess Healey’s Third Grade Class from Arroyos del Norte Elementary School. We covered a lot of “ground” in our short time together….Read More.