Thinking Wilderness: The Art Show – Part 2

Throughout history, artists have been inspired by nature and wilderness and consequently, they have played an important role in defining our relationship with nature and wilderness. “Thinking Wilderness: The Art Show” was a study of that muse, in the fitting location of Questa, NM. Our goal for the show was to create an opportunity for emerging as well as established artists to come together to express what wilderness means to them. Through an open call for themed works, 30 local and regional artists came together to show their work reflecting on Wilderness at OCHO Art and Event Space.

During the art show, the public was asked to cast votes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. These artists were the winners of these People’s Choice Awards.

Here is some of the feedback we got from visitors to the show:

“Nice tribute to the local wilderness and art!”
-Julie, Minneapolis, MN

“I love this show! The quality and insight in our community is really showing here. Beautifully displayed.”
-Barb, Questa, NM

-Ron and Judy, Cerro, NM

“A blessing to our community. Thank you all.”
-Theresa, Questa, NM

“Good variety; good art!”
-Charlotte and Larry, Las Cruces, NM

Thank you to everyone that visited the show and thank you to all our artists for their participation with special thanks to the above recipients of The People’s Choice awards. Please see our previous feature, “Thinking Wilderness: The Art Show – Part 1”  for more info on the show, to hear interviews with some of the artists and to view work by all the artists in the show.

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