“Seeds: Time Capsules of Wilderness” – Part 3

SeedTWPart3Feature2“Seeds: Time Capsules of Wilderness” featured works by over 270 students, preschool through sixth grade, from Questa Alta Vista Elementary, Rio Costilla Southwest Learning Academy, and Arroyos del Norte Elementary schools (see details below). The show opened with a community reception on Earth Day, April 22, 2014, and was on display at OCHO Art and Event Space in Questa through May 5th; then a selection of works were installed at the Questa Public Library through May 29.

“Seeds: Time Capsules of Wilderness” – OCHO Art and Event Space

“Seeds: Time Capsules of Wilderness” – Questa Public Libarary

“Seeds: Time Capsules of Wilderness” Artwork Credits:

  • Questa Alta Vista Preschool Class – Seed Packets (represented by photograph in Seed Sensorium)
  • Questa Alta Vista Kindergarten Classes and – Inside/Outside Seed Hinge Books (Seed Sensorium)
  • Questa Alta Vista First Grade and Fifth Grade Classes – Clay seeds on West Table and Piano
  • Questa Alta Vista Second and Third Grade Classes – Yellow-bound Seed to Plant Books
  • Questa Alta Vista Fourth Grade Class – Accordion Books
  • Questa Alta Vista Sixth Grade Classes – Seed Scrolls
  • Rio Costilla Learning Academy Kindergarten through Second Grade Combined Class
  • Inside/Outside Seed Hinge Books (Seed Sensorium)
  • Rio Costilla Learning Academy Third through Sixth Grade Combined Class – Seed Scrolls
  • Arroyos del Norte Kindertgarten Classes – Seed to Plant Pink bound books
  • Arroyos del Norte Second Grade Class – Hanging clay seeds, clay seeds on East table and plants with roots paper collages

Special Thanks to OCHO for hosting the show, to the schools and teachers for working with us, to our SEED collaborators and espcially Siena Sanderson, and to our additional “Thinking Wilderness” collaborators, Questa Visitor Center, BLM Taos Field Office and Carson National Forest for providing in-kind support.

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