Phoebe Dick: Artist and Poet


The waves come in as mountains,
And the mountains pile like clouds,
And the clouds roll in in waves across the sea.

Detail from Expandscape - original painting 10metres×50cm

Detail from Expandscape – see production notes below

Wilderness of My Dreams – Phoebe & Ukulele 

Listen to the song here:

Notes to work:

An interest in complex systems and the mathematics of the changing world informs and enhances my perceptions of physical and social surroundings and my practice can often be likened to a mathematicians quest to discover and elegantly communicate simple, transferable truths.

Through a playful sense of amusement, whether spelt out clearly or cloaked in puns,  inhabiting the scenes I create, the  curious observer of the work is rewarded,  lightening serious reflections.

  1. Expandscape  – The digital painting measures 10m x 0.5m. It is a fictional/composite landscape but very much based on the Northwest of Irelands ‘scapes and skies. The digital print  in the exhibition on the Feature page was made by scanning and enlarging a 2×1 cm area of the original painting.
  2. The detail on this page is from the digital print, itself a detail from the original.
  3. No-Wiser – Combination Intaglio and relief printed n a veneered MDF plate, cut / drawn using a mini power drill.
  4. Wilderness of my Dreams – recording from Leitrim Sculpture Centre, second floor studio where Phoebe was an artist in residence, 2013.


Phoebe Dick grew up in NorthWest Ireland, not far from Manorhamilton, the small town where she is currently based. Education and curiosity led her away from this special part of the world for several years but since returning she has felt rewarded by making the move back, with stunning surroundings and a lively creative society compensating for the poor weather.

Phoebe was lured back to Manorhamiltion by printmaking studios where  she co-ordinates peer-to-peer printmaking classes as well as developing her own work. Phoebe has a degree in New Media Fine Art (from The National College of Art and Design Dublin), she has been awarded a number of funded residencies, most recently taking part in the LOCIS project, in Torun, Poland, and her first collection of poetry was shortlisted for the prestigious Patrick Kavanagh Prize.

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