Nigel Smallbones: Former Head Ranger

Berry Head, Nigel Smallbones

Nigel “Wildbones” is a natural storyteller with an awesome knowledge of seabirds, cetaceans, insects and plants. The inside of his head is etched with the many striations and ledges of the seabird colony he has monitored for over twenty years. When you walk with him he acts as your eyes, guiding you to see things that would otherwise remain hidden; a little owl, a bloody nose beetle, a secret meadow.  He once watched a fulmar egg hatching for three hours!

Berry Head, Anna Keleher

Berry Head, Anna Keleher

Throughout the summer of 2015 Nigel is meeting with Artist Anna Keleher on Berry Head National Nature Reserve in Devon, England to record stories, descriptions and anecdotes to inspire future generations through the Wild Radio Project. link to:

Listen here to “What is Wild” an Interview with Nigel Smallbones by Anna Keleher.


You can also listen to Nigel’s beautiful and immersive “Painted Landscape” on Wild Radio Project here:

NigelSmallbonesBioNigel Smallbones is a former Head Wildlife Ranger of Berry Head National Nature Reserve, Torbay, Devon. UK. Brought up in Uganda and educated in England he dreamt of becoming a game warden. He has a diploma in Environmental Interpretation from London University and he worked for Devon land management organization Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust for over 25 years.

But the grass is not growing under his feet just yet. As well as caring for his grandchildren and taking part in Wild Radio Project, he guides marine wildlife trips, looking at the geology and wildlife in English Riviera Geopark. He also runs Pelagic boat trips with cetacean and winter bird watching boat trips.

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