Daniel Hutchison + Localogy: Experiential Education


In the context of wilderness – children are an endangered species. This  “Pecha Kucha” presentation highlights efforts to reintroduce children to their native habitat through Localogy’s various youth programs.

DSC00015Wilderness is a place where survival is earned rather than guaranteed. Fear of mortality has driven us to very successfully transform our wild planet for the immediate benefit of our own comfort – at the cost of long-term survival. Daniel believes that the best way to thwart the masters of capital, who would devour all life on earth, is to quit paying them to do it. He is building a self-sufficient house, growing and hunting food for his family and neighbors and, whenever possible, buying everything second hand (with the exception of socks and toothbrushes). Daniel is the director of Localogy – a nonprofit moving people and communities from passive consumption to active production of local livelihoods and culture. Through ranch and wilderness-based summer camps, public school adventures, art and media production, and agricultural programs, Localogy ventures with local communities into the frontier of reinventing local living – the last true wilderness.  http://www.localogy.org

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