21st Featured Thinker: Rachel Preston Prinz

RachelPRestonPrinzFeature3Rachel Preston Prinz established Archinia as a design co-op to develop project collaborations with architecture and design, ecology, natural building, archaeology, and landscape. Exploring boundaries between design and the natural world, planned and unplanned, managed and wild, are all approaches that Rachel has in her background that she is now integrating into her piece as a Featured Wilderness Thinker.

Rachel’s photographs represent a unique vision, one in which degenerating eyesight becomes an opportunity to look at the world differently and reconsider what we think we know; we felt this unique vision would bring something different to the Thinking Wilderness project. We were right. We could not have imagined the potential ripples Rachel’s invitation would set in motion. Her unique vision and commitment to collaboration have extended into her approach as a Wilderness Thinker in Residence. For her featured work, Rachel, has devised a project called “DesignGirl” to engage other designers to collaboratively “Think Wilderness” in a unique, year-long,  invitational project. We are excited to see where it leads! Read all about it….

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