19th Featured Thinker: Aldo Leopold (In Memoriam)

In celebration of his birthday, this week’s featured thinker is in memorium to Aldo Leopold, born in Burlington, Iowa on January 11, 1887.

In a break with our usual format, we wanted to start Thinking Wilderness in 2015 by honoring this key figure and instigator of the wilderness movement by directing you to a seminal text that acknowledges the importance of all organisms in an ecosystem, including predators.

Aldo Leopold coined the phrase “Thinking like a Mountain” with an essay by the same name in his book A Sand County Almanac. The essay poetically depicts the long-term ecological impacts of killing a wolf by presenting the concept of a trophic cascade. Leopold’s direct experience of this idea changed his understanding of Wilderness. Read his work and more about our choice to feature it HERE.

As we start the year, we look forward to diverse contributions to Thinking Wilderness and hope that the project continues to stimulate and add to the on-going conversations around Wilderness. We hope to hear from you!

Happy New Year!

– Anita and Claire

1 thought on “19th Featured Thinker: Aldo Leopold (In Memoriam)

  1. natureconnectexcursions

    Thanks for this fantastic post, ripe with such compelling and comprehensive detail. The addition of the utube on wolves was great. I’ve sent it on! Judy Todd, Pacific NW  503.260.4995

    “And if you think that in the ocean’s vastness there exists not only the present moment but reverberations of primordial harmonies, then you can be patient and trust the great and indelible solitude at work in you.”  From Rilke’s Letter to a Young Poet.  Visit NatureConnect Excursions to explore my 2015 offerings 


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